5 Best Influence Marketing Campaigns and What You Can Learn From Them

According to Marc Pritchard, global brand building officer for Proctor and Gamble, digital marketing is dead. In his keynote address at Dmexo in 2013, he said that marketers need to look past the digital practicalities of influence marketing agency, in order to connect with customers on a more personal level.

The spirit of Pritchard’s words has been carried out in some of the most creative and successful influence marketing campaigns of recent years. If you want to create your own memorable and successful campaigns, what can you learn from those who have gone before you?

    1. Got Chocolate Milk?

Weber Shandwick were faced with the challenge of changing the image of that childhood staple, chocolate milk. Instead of being a kid’s treat, they had to turn it into an adult’s performance drink. In order to do, they turned to Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward. Ward shared his experiences with chocolate milk, and how it helped his performance on the field, on the campaign’s Built With Chocolate Milk website.

The campaign relied on the influence popular athletes have on other athletes, and many athletes subsequently got involved, adding their voices and getting noticed. Word of mouth between the target audience means that chocolate milk successfully got its image makeover and sales have steadily increased since 2012.

    1. Why Should Cookies Have All the fun?

Tyson Foods were facing a problem with their chicken nugget sales. With the holiday season coming up, how were they going to move them out of the stores, when shoppers were going to be in the market for items like cookies? Their solution was to challenge some of the most influential people on the internet, ‘mommy bloggers’, to create Christmas scenes using chicken nuggets and condiments.

The moms involved posted their creations, and the creations of their kids, online. The response was phenomenal. Raynforest reports that Collective Bias, the company responsible for the campaign, exceeded all of their goals. In eight weeks, sales increased an average 42 percent, and the campaign had made 8.8 million total impressions. Not bad for a bunch of mommy bloggers.

    1. #NikonWarnerSound

MWW Group were asked to raise awareness of Nikon cameras by engaging with potential customers in a relatable and meaningful way. To do so, they forged a partnership with SXSW festival and created a campaign that was both creative and interactive. Representatives roamed the three-day festival with high definition Nikon cameras, allowing revellers to take pictures with them and share them on Facebook. Also, selected musicians and celebrities used Nikon cameras to film themselves at the event and create hype around it. Forbes reports that the campaign created a huge buzz around the cameras, and the associated hashtag #NikonWarnerSound became one of Twitter’s top trending topics during the entirety of SXSW.

    1. The Philips Air Fryer YouTube Campaign

If you were looking to promote a product through YouTube, you would think the easiest option is to set up a channel and begin making your own videos to demonstrate what it could do. However, it’s more difficult than you think, as there’s huge competition on YouTube for viewers. What do you do?

The people behind the Philips Air Fryer had a better idea. They teamed up with YouTube star chef Sanjay Thumma, who runs India’s most popular cookery channel, VahChef. Lighthouse Insights describes how by using Thumma’s skills to promote the Air Fryer, they could reach out to an already established audience. It was found that searches for ‘Air Fryer’ had increased dramatically during the campaign, a fantastic result for a product that had had almost no recognition beforehand.

    1. #OperaCoastSuprise

Opera Coast is a web browser with a difference, as it has no address bar, back or forward buttons, or other indicators that have become standard on most web browsers. Opera’s developers wanted users to save time in their day by using the app, so how would they promote it?

20:20MSL decided to get in contact with several influential creative people in order to promote the browser. After all, the most creative people are at their peak when ‘wasting’ time, so why not give them more time to waste? To that end, they were sent a package that included kinetic sand, which they were encouraged to use as they saw fit. Lighthouse Insights says that this personalized approach appeals to the browser’s niche audience and makes it stand out above the crowd. The best influence marketing campaigns think outside the box and reach out to their markets in new and innovative ways. It’s not enough to market your product online and hope it will be noticed; you have to find your niche and appeal to them directly, and memorably. Now you’ve learned from the best, you can create your own unique and successful influence marketing campaigns.